3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Explainer Video

Jan 13 2016


Video Rascal conducted a survey that showed that conversion rates increase up to 85% for websites that use explainer videos. The bottom line is, explainer videos increase your bottom line. Period.


Many companies have a great product or service, but fail to clearly communicate the overall vision and clarify the key benefits to the customer.  A boring page of text requires too much mental energy and time in today’s fast paced bite-sized world.  Why make your users think when you can do the thinking for them?  Explainer videos allow your users to relax and be entertained, while receiving information about your product or service in an easily digestible way, with a message they’ll remember.  


Today’s consumer is bombarded by multiple forms of media on a constant basis.  Unfortunately, text doesn’t stand a chance at competing against more engaging forms of media.  Explainer videos break through the noise and capture the attention of your audience.  One effective way to stand out from the crowd is to grab your audience’s attention through a well crafted, engaging explainer video.

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