Animated Explainer Videos

The Most Effective Means of Communication That’s Ever Existed

Video is the most effective means of communication that’s ever existed. If you could learn about something by watching a quick, entertaining video, or read a page of text, which would you choose? There are oodles of statistics showing that most people would rather watch a video. Video can have a huge impact on conversion rates, revenue, and information retention. We’ll help you break through the noise, give your customers what they want, and deliver your information in a way that sticks.

Our Process

We follow a simple 6 step process when developing animated videos.
  • Discovery + Strategy
    • We’ll kickoff the project with a conference call between our team and yours to help us understand your company’s core and unique video needs. We’ll pick your brain and nail down a strategy and direction that will set the stage for your script, storyboard, voice talent and sound preferences. We’ll also gather all necessary design assets, sales decks and anything else we can to help us become your brand experts.
  • Script
    • In this stage we’ll translate your brand messaging into a creative and engaging script that we’ll tailor to your brand’s unique needs. By telling your best story, we’re building the foundation for a great video.
  • Storyboard
    • After developing your script, we’ll craft a storyboard based on your brand’s unique style and tone. The storyboard will be a selection of graphic frames that mirror the flow of your script. This is an important stage as it gives a glimpse into the look and flow of your video and ensures that the final video is done right. We love to collaborate with our clients on this stage to ensure that your story is being communicated clearly and on brand. We like our client’s to have a say in the creative process from beginning to end.
  • Voiceover
    • We’ll select the perfect voiceover for your video. Male or female, spoken in just the right tone.
  • Animation & Sound
    • After your storyboard is finalized and a voiceover artist is selected, we’ll bring your video to life through motion graphic animation, and complimentary background music. This is the exciting part, where all the moving parts come together into something beautiful.
  • Delivery
    • After the final approval and payment is made, we’ll your brand new video in whatever format(s) you desire.


Recent Animated Explainers
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Some Examples Of Our Animated Explainer Work

  • Rival Iq

    Animated Explainer Video

    RivalIQ gives marketers a competitive edge with their innovative cloud based analytics software.  We crafted a fun, engaging & informative animated explainer video to introduce users to Rival IQ cloud software.

  • Cloud Elements

    Animated Explainer Video

    Cloud Elements was built for developers to integrate and manage their API’s all in one place.  We worked with Cloud Elements to craft a fun, engaging & informative animated explainer video to introduce users to the advantages of using the Cloud Elements software.

  • Touch Stream

    Animated Explainer Video

    TouchStream is an innovated drip email marketing solutions built for todays email marketeres.  We helped TouchStream users visualize their innovative drip email marketing software with a fully animated explainer video.


Turnaround time is typically 5-8 weeks.


$3,500 – $5,500 Per Minute
Our animated videos typically ranges between $3,500 – $5,500 per minute (this is the final length of the video).  This is just a typical price range, some video projects could be more, or could be less.  Pricing depends on the complexity of the video, and if you’ll be providing a script to work from.   We’re happy to offer bulk pricing to companies that are in need of multiple videos.

Why Us?

We’re a small team of creatives that love giving our clients exactly what they want.  We’re happy to collaborate and consider your ideas in every stage of the creative process.  Many of our competitors fail to do this and deliver cookie-cutter videos that look and feel the same for all their clients.  We’re also nice, easy-going people that you’ll enjoy working with.  Let us know if you’d like some references of our happy clients.