Website Design & Build

FlashRouters “flashes” today’s most popular routers with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, greatly increasing your routers security and performance.  Likewise, we helped FlashRouters unlock the full potential of their innovate brand with a new Magento store.  We executed a complete re-design and re-build of the store on a new version of Magento CE with a highly customized responsive front-end theme. We also implemented an enhanced Magento CMS for all content pages. giving the FlashRouters staff power over all areas of content from an easy to use backend interface.  The FlashRouters website is another shining example of the power and flexibility of Magento CE.

House & Hold

Branding and Identity + Website Design & Build

House & Hold is a curated selection of modern goods for the home. We customized nearly every aspect of the Magento front-end and back-end system to allow full creative expression across all devices for this premier online retailer.

Benchmade Modern

Website Design & Build

Benchmade Modern is an innovative furniture startup that creates and ships custom sofas in less than 24 hours.  We designed and built the Benchmade Modern website on Magento CE, meticulously implementing their brand assets into a responsive Magento theme, customizing nearly every aspect of their Magento store.

True Modern

Website Design & Build

We brought new life to Truemodern with a re-designed website on Magento CE.  We implemented many front-end and back-end customizations including; A highly customized responsive Magento theme, custom fabric swatch ordering functionality, enhanced custom options, contract Work page powered by WordPress blog, Integrated WordPress blog.

Area Rug Styles

Branding & Identity + Website Design & Build

Area Rug Styles is an online retailer of thousands of area rugs by today’s top brands.  We leveraged the power of Magento CE to handle over 100,000 skus easily with no loss of speed, and maintaining an intuitive user experience through customized layered navigation.

Goodnight Green

Branding & Identity + Website Design & Build

Goodnight Green is a specialty store focused on organic & eco-friendly sleep products. After being dissatisfied with the limited Volusion platform, New Industries Group migrated Goodnight Green to Magento, leveraging its flexible and powerful feature set, and to unleash the brands creative freedom.